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My Story

In September 1983 I went through a radical change in my belief system. Something happened to me whilst on holiday in Spain that was to change the rest of my life. It was my first encounter with spirit. Its affect was great and I began searching for answers. This meant going to psychic fayres etc in the pubs of Birmingham. To be honest the answer wasn't forthcoming. I had many years in a strange wilderness. Then in 1997 I discovered the Spiritualist Church. 
I started to attend church on a regular basis getting involved with development groups and circles. I owe so much to a lady named Mary Jones who encouraged me greatly in the early days at Oldbury Spiritualist Church.
I gained a place on the SNU (Spiritualists National Union) exponents course. It was a three year course to train mediums in platforn etiquette and also to give them a background history to modern spiritualism. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the pioneers of the modern ism. I have to be totally honest here and say that I did not complete the course because of personal circumstances.

The Seven Principles Of Spiritualism

These Seven Principles, which act as guidelines for the development of a personal philosophy of how to live one's life, are stated as follows:-

The Fatherhood of God.
The Brotherhood of Man.
The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.
The Continuous Existence of the human soul.
Personal Responsibility.
Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.
Eternal Progress open to every human soul.


Spiritualism As My Religion

Spiritualism is a religion that gives an understanding of God and encourages us to act with a high sense of duty towards others. Spiritualism stimulates spiritual growth and prepares us for eternal existence in the spirit-world.

Spiritualism is a science because it is based upon proven facts that can be demonstrated and scientifically classified. Spiritualism is the science of life as it encourages the search for truth in every department of existence, in nature and in human psychology. 

Spiritualism is a philosophy that attempts to understand people, their physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual being. As Spirit is the moving force of the Universe, so Spiritualist philosophy embraces the whole realm of nature.
These words are based upon a chapter entitled 'The Nature of Spiritualism.'
from the Spiritualists' Lyceum Manual