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" Its two years today since my lovely aunt died, and you came into my thoughts. Just over two years ago u came to my house. I was a sceptical 52 yr old.........but you bought me so much, and since then my life has changed, not that i now attend lots of spritual events or mediums..........its just a daily happening, that i know people are with me and guiding me, and its very strong and very real, very meaningful and most of all very comforting. Two years seems a long time to come back and tell you this now...........but it feels so strong that i need to do it. My experience with you was so accurate and you were the first person that i had ever attempted any spritual interaction with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.............and keep up the good work" - Sue B (Birmingham)

"If you are looking to have a reading and connect with the spirit world I would like to recommend Dave J Williams.  My family last night had a reading with him and he was absolutely brilliant.  I can honestly say he was 100% accurate with his information.  He came to our house and stayed for 2 1/2 hours and gave each of us a reading not rushing things and in a really relaxed atmosphere. A few tears and a lot of laughs were had by us all!" Lizzi - Northfield.

Dear Dave, thank you so much for last nights readings everyone loved it so much, and they want to do it again in a few months. You truly have a wonderful gift. Jayne - West Bromwich

You have made my life a lot easier buy reuniting me with my nephew. Everything you have told me about him has been spot on. It has also brought us a lot closer together because i have been able to accept his passing now.....after 30 years. You truly have the most amazing gift. I can never thank you enough
Janice (Dudley)

Me with Paul Hawksbee pf TalkSport

Me and LadySnake after the City Talk broadcast.

Me & Wendy with Beth & Ken From 102.5 The Bridge


Media Work
My media based work has been pretty limited to now.  I have, however, done work for both radio and television.
The first programme I did for TV was never actually aired. It was a project of Ralph Keetons done for Channel 4 and involved a clearance of a pub in the North East that was badly affected by the presence of a young lady murdered in its door way.   The religious beliefs of the girls family meant that they objected to it being shown.
Since then I have had two other ventures into TV which did actually make it to air. Early in 2009 I managed to get a spot on Tony Stockwells "Psychic Academy". Although I didn't make it to the final six I still got to the filmed section.
The major one for me though came out of the blue when I was asked to go to The Ram Inn, at a days notice by an ex "Most Haunted" researcher. This was for an American TV programme called "Ghost Adventures". It was released in the states in July 2009 on the Travel Channel, but i didn't think it would make UK broadcasting. That was until Living TV started airing the show late in 2009.
The radio work was yet again done with Ralph Keeton and was a paranormal special that featured on Chesters Dee 106.3. The shows presenter was a girl named Irene Finney.  Unlike the TV work I did thoroughly enjoy this little venture on the airwaves.
I managed to get on TalkSport on Xmas Eve 2008. Although I was there as a sports fan there was a great amount of airtime given to my spiritual work.
I have sincw had the opportunity to do radio work on a more regular basis xith guest spots on City Talk 105.9's Psychic Surgery and The Bridge 102.5's Spiritual Calling, along with the internet  based show mikespirit.fm




Spiritual Connexion Awards 2008

In September 2008 I was lucky enough to be chosen in the final 16 platform mediums (out of nearly 400 contestants)  to perform at the Spiritual Connextions Awards in Portsmouth. Although very nervous I had a wonderful time and received some great feed back from the judges. This still stands out as one of the highlights of my spiritual "career" so far.