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For group readings I am more than willing to travel anywhere in the UK. Group readings are for numbers between 4 and 10. Cost will vary dependent on the number of people and distance to be traveled so please contact me for details. Please note that deposits will now be required for group bookings.

Face to Face individual readings are on a more local basis. Contact me for availability.

I am also more able to do e-mail and Skype readings. Cost of both of these services are £15 and payment can be made by Pay Pal. 

A reading is conducted to suit you. Although primarily a spiritualist medium, I do use tarot cards and will bring them into a reading if you so desire.


Consumer Protection Regulations

Mediums are now required by law to basically say that what we do is "a scientific experiment, the results of which cannot be guaranteed'.
I have no doubts in my mind that there were/are rogue mediums/readers  out there and yes this law does help protect from them. From my point of view, however, it does compramise my beliefs. 
I remember seeing Colin Fry work in Birmingham a few years back and as an introduction he said that he felt that the disclaimer at the beginning of his TV show was unfair by stating that the programme was for entertainment purposes only due to the differing beliefs on the validity of mediumship.  He basically said that Songs Of Praise should be subject to the same disclaimer because after all are there not differing views on the existence of God???? 
Anyway, as stated above I am subject to the new law as much as the next person and, agree with it or not, I do abide by it.


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